The Autoblog welcomes you, citizen.

Welcome to the Autoblog, my rather hopeful attempt to educate both myself and others about some programming nonsense.  I decided to create this blog because not too long ago I decided to delve into Box2D and wanted to do so for C++.  The amount of online tutorials for Box2D is pretty extensive… if you want to use Flash, not so much so if you want to use it’s native language of C++.

So here we are, I am going to learn right along side all of you.  What I will be presenting will be shown from a Windows perspective, using Visual Studio 2012 Express.  Box2D will take care of our physics work, and for funsies I will also be using SFML as our rendering platform.  So there you have it, in my next post I will be going over how to set everything up and we’ll be getting a quick little demo up and running.  If you have or know of any other good tutorials for Box2D or SFML, I encourage you to leave it in the comments below!

And before I forget, these are also some pretty awesome tutorials that I’ve found very handy:

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