Setting everything up – Part 3

If you have not yet gone over Setting everything up – Part 1 and Setting everything up – Part 2, I highly recommend you do so, otherwise you may be as lost as Marty McFly was in 1955, and I don’t even have a DeLorean, so you would be really screwed…

Step 5 – Install SFML:  A lot of this is going to look familiar, as we do the set up with SFML almost identically to Box2D.  This comes primarily from the SFML website under tutorials (found here), but again, for completeness I will place my steps below.  For the following steps, we will be using the directory that we extracted SFML to up in Step 3, at the time of this writing, the current version is 1.6.

  1. Go into our project’s Properties window as we did above, and go to Configuration Properties>VC++ Directories and click on Include Directories and as we did before, choose “Edit..” and then click the “New Line” button and on the new line, click the “…” buttonpart3-1
  2. Now go into the directory you extracted SFML to and we’re going to select the “include” directory and then click Select Folder and then click OKpart3-2
  3. Next, we’re going to do the exact same thing but for the Library Directories and this time we’re goig to choose, you guessed it, SFML’s lib folderpart3-3
  4. After that, we’re going to go to Linker>Input, and under Additional Dependencies (this should seem familiar), we’re going to add “sfml-system.lib” to our list and then press OKpart3-4
  5. The last thing we need to do in the Properties window is to make a preprocessor definition for SFML.  So go to C/C++ >Preprocessor, and click “Edit…” under Preprocessor Definitions.  We’re going to add “SFML_DYNAMIC” to our list and hit OK, and then OK to close the Properties windowpart3-5

There is just one last thing I want to briefly touch on.  In the SFML lib directory, you will see there are a bunch of .dll files.  It is imperative that you include these in the same directory as your program’s .exe or it will throw an error and fail to launch.  I’ll go over these in more detail as we get to them, but I just want you to be aware for right now.  🙂

That’s all there is folks, everything is now set up and in my next post, we’ll use this to create a quick little demo program.

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